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Food Trips - Mandarin Palace Restaurant

Last month in Paranaque we tried Chinese food in Mandarin Palace. One of the best thing dining in a Chinese restaurant is that you are sure to have full tummy as they serve generous amount of food. It's always a food feast when ypu are in a Chinese restaurant.

Pork Siomai and Seafood Hakaw for starters/appetizer. These must have been the most flavorful siomai I've ever eaten.

Fried Squid is good, it has the right balance of saltiness on it. We also had stir fried pork and youngchow fried rice for our lunch. Love the tenderness of pork and all these, we only paid 1,100 php. Plus we had 2 refillable iced tea. Scrumptious lunch for a good price!


Food Trips - Uncle Moe's Shawarma

I envy those people living in the south. They have a very nice neighborhood and lots of good and affordable restaurant are just located within the residential area. We also have those here in North. We came across this Shawarma Restaurant in Paranaque. I like Shawarma and so I asked my girl to try it here.

We ordered Chicken Kebab for 140 php. 3 pieces of chicken on a stick. Served with thin Peta Bread and Tomato Salsa. We barely liked the taste. I don't know if this should be taste or what. Anyway, we might try other kebabs here soon.


Food Trips - Breakfast in a hostel

I love to eat, but I'm not a morning person. I rarely eat breakfast but because my girl told me that I should always eat breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, I forced myself to have breakfast everyday. 
I love Filipino food and TAPSI is one of the comfort food for us Filipinos. We have many variations of SILOG. Tocino, Beef tapa, Hotdog, Ham, Chicken and the list goes on and on... We all paired it with fried rice and egg. 

TAPSI and TOCINO is one of my faves. Tocino is a sweet marinated pork and Tapsi is a combination of sweet and sour from the (calamansi).
So what about you? What is your favorite breakfast meal?

Food Trips - Angels Pizza

My girl and I love to eat, it's one of the many things that we both love to do. And trying new and unpopular restaurant is one of our thing. We all know the famous pizza parlor Shakeys and Pizza Hut and while walking around the busy street of Makati, we found this Angels Pizza near A Venue Hall.  

The place is big enough to accommodate about more than 50 persons. We were the only customer there at 2 in the afternoon but that did not scare us.

My girl ordered potato balls and Lasagna. They have a generous servings of pasta. For not more than 200 php per order, this is a must try. Well, it all ends up when we tasted the Lasagna. It's really cheesy but they used cheap and ordinary cheese. NO meat at all, not even a single, tiny bits of meat. This is really disappointing. Potato balls is OK, it's because of the pasta/tomato base dip.

Here's my Carbonara and Chicken. Looks appetizing but don't be fooled by the looks. We had to call the restaurant staff and let them recooked and add cream sauce on the Carbonara because it's too dry and really tasteless. We feel like, we are eating hospital food with no salt and pepper at all.

Another waste of money! But this doesn't stop us from discovering and trying unpopular and unknown restaurant in the metro.

Hoping for a better tasting and great experience on our next food trip!


Food Trips - Hungry Hippo

Let me just say that I am not a food critic and I have no intention on ruining a restaurants name but this food review is purely my own and personal views and honest comment.

I love BURGERS. And that is why I ordered this beefy burger for 150 php. My expectation are high coz for me this is a bit pricey, 150 for burger alone. First bite on this burger, it's dry though your can taste that it is beef pattie. Buns are old and not grilled. 

We also ordered breaded chicken rice meal for 150 php. As by the looks, the chicken looks over fried. And yes, on our first bite, it was dry and the gravy is too thick. Seems like the flour used to thicken it is not properly dissolved. 150 pesos is not worth it for this meal. This should only be priced as 50 pesos in a local and cheap "carinderia". 

We feel like, we wasted almost 400 pesos for this blunt and tasteless meal. Our breakfast has been unpleasant because of this.

Sorry for being too honest, I just feel bad because I love to eat and I want to eat great tasting food.


Professional Skin Care by: DERMAX

A newly opened skin care clinic in Solenedad Nuvali opened it's 3rd branch last July 4, 2015. Dermax Laser Center is a skin care company that offers science-based skin vcare products and procedures. Their first branch opened in Centrino Mall, CDO on January 8, 2015 and second branch in Abreeza Mall, Davao on February 7, 2015. Their goal is to provide customers with personalized treatments to reveal your best skin. 

Dermax Laser Centers proudly carry an inviting modern and clinical interior that is clean, simple and well-lit. Has individual treatment rooms for utmost privacy. Courteous and friendly front desk personnel recieve clients at the reception area. Doctors are available for consultation and doctor's services. Well-versed Skin Consultants who are all fully trained nurses have years of experience in providing the best service every client deserves. 

For more info on their products, prices and other services, visit and email them at 
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FOOD TRIPS - Ritchies Diner


To complete my date with my girlfriend, we decided to try one of the restaurant in BF Aguirre, We love to eat and try other cafe, restaurant and even coffee shops around the metro and this time we dine at Ritchies Diner. As always, I'm hungry and my big tummy wants to have BIG burger and lots of fries. And my girlfriend ordered her favorite Filipino breakfast meal, TAPSILOG. 

It's a bit pricey here, good thing that my burger tastes really good and first bite, cheese melts on my mouth. TAPSILOG is fairly good. Nothing to special on the TAPSI. Anyways, it was good that we try this restaurant. 

Hoping to have more good meals on our next FOOD TRIPS.


FOOD TRIPS - Songkran Thai Restaurant

Before, I wasn't that experimental on trying other cuisine except for Italian (pizza and pasta), American (Burgers and fries) and Filipino dishes. But because my girlfriend is a foodie and I got no choice but to try whatever she was craving that day. 

We both haven't been in Thailand so we actually have no idea if we are eating an authentic Thai cuisine as this is our first time to dine in a Thai restaurant. We had Beef Rendang Rice Toppings and Spicy Chicken Rice Toppings.

It's actually surprising that the taste is more like a Filipino dish/meal. A bit more spicy and more herbs when you taste the sauce. I liked it as well as my girlfriend. Will try more of their other meals soon.


FOOD TRIPS - Whistlestop Alabang

Being an active person makes me crave and eat more than I should only have for my diet (just so to keep me fit). I love to eat, actually I can eat anything (any meat dish). And I was craving for a burger that day with my partner and we decided to try WHISTLESTOP in Westgate Alabang. To our surprise the restaurant offers affordable meals inspite that they are located in a posh area of Westgate. 

I ordered CHORIZO BURGER for less than 200 php. I was expecting much from the food I ordered but the taste, it's fairly OK! Will try some of their other dish soon.


PEACH(Y) kind of day

I'm honestly timid on posing like this, but I think I have to start being confident in front of the camera, lol. I'm too lazy to wear blue jeans that day and just decided to wear the most comfortable clothes, shorts, collared shirt and my snix.

I'm not a brand conscious guy, the most important for me is comfort and what looks good on me.
I'm wearing a PEACH shirt with collar from BENCH (499 php). What I love about BENCH shirts are they're comfortable to wear and very much affordable.

Comfy shorts. Bought in a Bazaar in Paranaque for 400 php.

Timepiece from VELOCI. I can't leave the house without wearing a watch. 

Couple bracelet from IMONO Jewelry.

Footwear from ADIDAS, NEO line.

So, what can you say about my #OOTD?
I'd love to know your reactions!