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Food Trips - Giligans

Giligans is one of the most popular restaurant chain in Manila. They offer affordable lunch meals and group/family meals. The restaurant offers "Unlimited Rice" for their lunch meals and group meals. Yup! Unlimited rice! We, Filipinos love to eat and we can eat all meals from breakfast, lunch to dinner all with rice. Rice is a staple in every Filipino table.

The restaurant has it's pirate/sea vibe. Anchors, ship/boat ropes are all hanging as a wall deco.

We had Shrimp sour soup. For less than 300 php you expect to have veggies and 6 pieces of shrimp.

Calamares is a bit over fried. For less than 300 php you get to have 8 pieces of fried squid.

If you want to dine with your friends or family and you're in a tight budget, Giligans is a good option. They serve good Filipino dishes.

Whites on Blues

I know, I still look timid and embarrassed on my pose. I'm still on the process on being confident when my girl is taking photos of me especially if I'm gonna blog my #ootd. Anyways, after having luynch with my girl at Giligans, we went to Carpe Diem in BF Aguirre (as always!) to have coffee and relax before going home.

I like Bench Shirts (499 php), it's simple yet it suits what I like in fashion. I like plain colored shirts so it'll fit all colors of my khakis and jeans.

Bought this khaki at Oxygen for only 300 php. So lucky to find khaki shorts on sale. It's stretchable and very comfy to wear.

So how do I look?


Livermarin for a healthier liver

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Food Trips - Country Steakhouse

Weekend is our bonding day and my girl is craving for steak last Saturday so as our usual go-to place is BF Aguirre. We had lunch at Country Steakhouse beside Puzzles. A casual dining restaurant with a country vibe.

If my memory serves me right, it's our 3rd time to dine here yet this will be my first time to review their steaks and sizzling meals.

We ordered T-bone steak (less than 200 php). A very affordable meal yet very satisfying to our craving. Just enough size of the beef and loads of gravy, which I like the most.

We also tried their Sizzling Porkchop (around 120-130 php only!). Pork is tender and there's veggies (side dish).

Mushroom soup for less than 100 php. Very tasty which is good though.

We spent less than 500 php for our lunch. This is what I love about the resto arpound BF Aguirre, you can find very affordable cafes and resto yet they serve good and quality dishes.