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Pampanga Tour 2016

My first time in Pampanga City. It was great and i really enjoyed it a lot. The name "Pampanga" comes from the word pangpang meaning riverbank, a fitting name for a flat country crisscrossed by a hundred small branches of the Pampanga River. The province lies in the southern portion of the central plains of Luzon. Pampanga has old  historical churches. 

PAL Launches an Enhanced Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity System

I'm excited about this Philippine Airline event and they officially re-launched today its new Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity System providing passengers a redefined, innovative and entertaining way to fly. This is very useful for me if I'm in a flight with PAL because I can contact my love ones and friends if I'm already near to my destination and I can post some pictures in social media. The system has four components: myPAL eSuite, myPAL Player, myPAL Wi-fi and myPAL Mobile, you can ask also some assistance with the flight attendant how to connect with their system. PAL is doing a good job and people will really enjoy all of their flights going abroad or just here in the Philippines, and I hope so I can experience it this new system of PAL.