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Review: El Masfino Hotel and Resort

Wanna spend a great weekend with your family and friends? Check your dates and let's go to El Masfino Hotel and Resort. You will love this place because of it's clean and refreshing air they also have a huge golf course. Every weekend this golf course is full and most of the time customers here are Korean. The place is surprisingly amazing, very peaceful and you can really relax here. The pools are also great but the best part for me is to drive a golf cart and doon buggies that was so exciting - I really enjoyed it so much. The rooms here is very comfortable and so relaxing and so I have no complaints about it. If you love to sing there is a karaoke in this resort and the resort also have a kids playground and you can rent bikes here and other stuff.

Our first stop is the A-Square, in July 23rd there will be an open bazaar located at the parking area of A Square. So please do come here and enjoy shopping. After spending about an hour here we drove to San Rafael and after 30-minutes we arrived at El Masfino Hotel and Resort. I'm excited to go and check this beautiful Resort.

The rooms are clean and it is also big for a family of 4 or group of friends.  I love this comfy relaxing bed it makes me so lazy to wake up. Very comfortable I must say!

We're also had a great time flying a drone here though it is in Bulacan it's safe to fly here.

What I like most of the hotel and resort?

- Close to Metro Manila about 1-hr away from Quezon City
- Affordable hotel rooms for only 5,000 PHP per night for 2 adult and 2 children below 12 years of age. With hotel breakfast (a la carte)
- Has a golf course
- Fun activities like doon buggy
- Can freely fly a drone
-  kid friendly hotel and resort
- has a wave pool
- super comfy bed

So if you are looking for a quick getaway head on to El Masfino Hotel and Resort in San Rafael Bulacan.

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El Masfino Hotel and Resort

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