Food Trips - Hungry Hippo

Let me just say that I am not a food critic and I have no intention on ruining a restaurants name but this food review is purely my own and personal views and honest comment.

I love BURGERS. And that is why I ordered this beefy burger for 150 php. My expectation are high coz for me this is a bit pricey, 150 for burger alone. First bite on this burger, it's dry though your can taste that it is beef pattie. Buns are old and not grilled. 

We also ordered breaded chicken rice meal for 150 php. As by the looks, the chicken looks over fried. And yes, on our first bite, it was dry and the gravy is too thick. Seems like the flour used to thicken it is not properly dissolved. 150 pesos is not worth it for this meal. This should only be priced as 50 pesos in a local and cheap "carinderia". 

We feel like, we wasted almost 400 pesos for this blunt and tasteless meal. Our breakfast has been unpleasant because of this.

Sorry for being too honest, I just feel bad because I love to eat and I want to eat great tasting food.


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