Sexy Detox

The Sexy Detox Diet program combines the elements of Master Cleanse and South Beach Diet. The program has three phases. During the Ease-in phase, the person is encouraged to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminate processed food from the diet. This phase will help the body get used to eating less to prepare for the next stage. During the Strict Juice phase, solid food is replaced with fresh juices that will deliver micronutrients quickly to the bloodstream. During the Ease-out stage, the person can supplement the juice diet with fresh fruits and vegetables before they start eating “regular food.”

Photo Credits to Sexy Detox

Sexy Detox’s regular blends are juiced using Hurom juicers. They use combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables, including apples, lemons, oranges, grapes, beets, celery, carrot, cucumber, ginger and spinach. Sexy Detox also has premium blends, which include combinations made from almond, kiwi, strawberry and cocoa. The premium flavors are Almond Delight, Cocoa Surprise, Kiwi Magic, Milky Strawberry and Strawberry Chill. One can also order special flavors.

Photo Credits to Sexy Detox

The prices are very reasonable. The regular blend costs less than P200 per bottle while the premium blend is priced at P218 per bottle.

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