Pasta Central Restaurant

A great afternoon with my  fellow bloggers. We are invited in this restaurant to review there pasta's. The place is very relaxing and their staff are approachable and very attentive. I love the wooden tables and chairs.

First I tried this nachos, so far it really taste good. The nachos are really crunchy and the tomatoes are great. Price is 120 pesos.

This is the one of my favorite, the classic carbonara. This carbonara is very delicious because of its creamy sauce, and it has bacon and mushroom. It is totally delicious. You must try this. Price is 180 pesos.

This is the chicken pomodoro. This pasta has chicken breast and topped with a slice of cheese. I loved the sauce! Price is 190 pesos.

Chicken Pomodoro.This pasta has basil and has chicken fillet which is perfectly cooked and not dry. It really tastes wonderful and a must try here. Price is 150 pesos.
Visit Pasta Central at CAA Las Pinas City.

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