A new home in the south - LANCASTER NEW CITY

Lancaster New City Cavite

I was able to experience how great is Lancaster to live in. The place is nice and family-friendly neighborhood. The staff are very nice and attentive. And most importantly the security in Lancaster are strict.

The homes are well designed and the good thing in Lancaster is that they have a super market, schools and church. 

  Lancaster has a  play ground for family bonding, visitors and also for children.

Sneak Pick inside the house. The Kitchen, Master bed room, Comfort room etc.

I appreciate and like the interior design of this Briana model house. Very modern and sophisticated.

For more affordable homes, please visit Lancaster City in Imus Cavite and see the beauty of this neighborhood that you and you family will surely love.

The best part in Lancaster City is The Christmas light show. Family and Friends are gathering to experience the beauty of the Christmas light show. Most of all, children are really happy to watch the light show. Experience the great Holiday season in LANCASTER CITY.

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