Traveling to Corregidor

Traveling to Corregidor

When I first heard of Corregidor I thought it's located in Bataan or somewhere north but to my surprise, it is just located in Cavite. It's a shame not to know our country and its geography but thanks to TIEZA and Mr. Mark Lapid we experienced a memorable day tour in Corregidor Island.

It was a sunny day weekend that I and my friends went to one of the many historical places here in the Philippines - World War I and World War II. Corregidor became one of the American soldier's barracks against the Japanese during World War II.

Hospital Ruins

Battery Crockett 

One of the largest battery during WWII. It is not visible against Japanese so this heavy machinery is tough and powerful.

Lots of ruins here at the island and some has this weird feeling while passing by the area.

Inside the museum where you can see and learn some of the machinery and guns used during the Japanese and American occupation here in the PH.

Pacific War Memorial

We also have an opportunity to watch a re-inaction with these statues with the help of some video and audio narration of what happened during WWI inside the Malinta Tunnel. It was indeed a refresher of my memories on history. And some information is honestly new to my knowledge.

Outside the Malinta Tunnel

Last part of our day tour - went to the south part of Corregidor Island. This is the only place that tourist can swim - if they want to.

The highest point here in Corregidor where you can see the beauty of nature and some islands nearby. Ending my day with this view is so surreal.

Traveling to Corregidor 



  1. Is it dark inside the Malinta Tunnel? I have always been curious how it looks like inside. I have heard of several ghost stories passed on by previous guards.

  2. I never been to this place but I heard about it and through reading books. Of course, ghost stories are spreading that they heard sound in the tunnel. Nice place to explore for travelers.