Magestic Dive and Snorkeling Site: Isla Felomina

Isla Felomina Snorkeling and Dive Site

Isla Felomina is a  small island and not well known even for locals in Palawan. The local from Barangay Panggangan together with the local government open this island for the tourist and locals. This island has a captivating diving and snorkeling site. I can't wait to start my snorkeling here because of the crystal clear and very clean water. The best part here is the coral reef and the marine life. It has plenty kind of fish in this island. Also, you must check out the blue starfish, it is very beautiful. You will be amazed of the structure of the coral reef here. Some look like a brain form or a flower form. I really love and I appreciate the marine life in this island, very nice and the view is amazing. On top of the island, you will see 360 degrees beauty of the whole island. The locals here are very nice and friendly. Here are some of the pictures on ISLA FELOMINA.

You can see here how small is the island but it is very rich in wonderful coral reef and plenty of fish.

You can see how crystal clear is the water here and very clean.

A great place to bring your family and friends in this island. The place is very relaxing and the island is clean. Your kids will really enjoy here and have some fun.

The rock formation here is really amazing, you can take photos or selfies in here.

If you really like to see more wonderful views, try to ask the locals and guide you on top of the mountain. This is the view on top of it. Check out the photos.

Thank you so much to the tourism of PUERTO PRINCESA PALAWAN. I really had a great and wonderful vacation. Let us all protect the nature and preserve the beauty of Palawan.

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