The Viet Ville Restaurant in Palawan

Viet Ville Restaurant is one of my favorite restaurant in Palawan. A peaceful and quiet ambiance will welcome you.  Thw whole village is filled with tall trees and different plants that adds calmness to the place. You can tour around the village and there is one small temple just a few meters away from the restaurantand you can pay your respect there. 

Although this is my 1st time to try Vietnamese food and I'm kind of conscious about their food actually. But when I've tried their cuisine, it is so delicious and the taste is really good. The Vietnam foods are spicy and I love spicy food and just enough for my pallet.

A simple restaurant that serves delicious Vietnamese foods. The opening of this restaurant starts from 8:00am in the morning, Closes at 9:00pm in the evening.

I don't have pictures inside of the restaurant, sorry for that. The chairs and tables are all bamboos, I'm liking the big furniture tables and chairs. For me the place inside and the ambiance is really homey and very laid back. Local tourist and foreigners will love this restaurant.

This is the small Buddhist Temple. You can take pictures inside and you can pay respect in this temple. Actually, this is my 2nd time to see a Buddhist Temple.

The small Buddha fountain is located just outside the temple.
People who are interested and would like to take a little tour here, just ask permission to the restaurant staff.

These are the list of menu we had  for lunch.

This is the  LapuLapu Vietnamese style, it cost about 135pesos per Grams. I love the softness and the texture of the fish. The sauce is delectable.

This is the Chicken Spring Roll, it cost about 80pesos. You should try this Chicken Spring Roll, the vegetable are fresh.

This is the Bo Kho / Beef Stew, is cost about 105pesos. I love the taste and the right sweetness and spiciness of the soup.

This is the Vietnamese Jasmine Ice Tea. This for me is by far the best Jasmine Ice Tea I've ever drink. The aroma of the jasmine - love it.

This is the Chicken with Lemongrass, it cost about 140pesos. One of my favorite food here - definitely a must try.

Please do check out Viet Ville, located at Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa Palawan.
Thank you so much Viet Ville for bringing good food in Palawan.

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