Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm in Palawan

The Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm

The Puerto Princesa Palawan is a Big Prison farm - Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm. The prisoners here are working at the farm as laborers. The government build this so that the prisoners can work and live life like normal and some of them are allowed to be visited by their family. This is my 1st time to visit a place like this. When we think about a prison, first think that came to your mind is a living hell but here they work and prisoners are trying thwir best to change for better. Some of the prisoners are free here, but they prepared to stay here in Iwahig because life is here for them and they have this thinking that people outside will always have stigma about ex convicts. So some of them chose to stay here. The work of the prisoners here is to plant a rice. 

Lets check out the pictures of Iwahig. I got few pictures only.

This is the main entrance of the Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm. The security here are very strict. Drivers are always living their ID's here.

This is there Rice Farm. 

Look at that, another prison cell ahead. We did not go there anymore. On the road, you will see many inmates that are done doing their jobs for the day. 

These men used to be a prisoner here in Ibawig. We ask if we can take pictures of them. The inmates told us, "its ok to take picture of us because we are free already". They are selling some product that they personally made.

Another great day in Puerto Princesa Palawan. Life here is really peaceful. Lot's of places to go here and you will really enjoy your stay in Palawan. You need to experience going here in Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm and know the history and talk to the men here. It's surprisingly safe here unlike other prison in the Philippines. 

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