BGC Hostel: Be at Your Greatest Comfort

BGC hostel, is one of my favorite hostel so far. It has clean rooms, colorful designs and hostel staff are nice and courteous.  

This hostel is really near EDSA, located at 2855 Danlig street, Pinagkaisahan Makati City. The hostel opened October 2015. The place is very new and very clean. For only 499 pesos per bed you can experience  a comfy hostel stay here.

3 storey hostel building of BGC Hostel and Dorm.

I love the decorations here it's very artistic and colorful. Pop art and colorful decorations are now common in Manila Hostels which I love actually.

We stayed at the 2nd floor with a small living room set here. You're family or friends can hang out here.

Comfortable, clean bunk beds on our 8-bed room. It has also small curtains that gives privacy while you're sleeping.

Room has private shower and toilet.

Lockers for your belongings.

Thanks BGC, I had a great and wonderful experience here.


  1. Nice photos! Is this place near McKinley Hill? I'm looking for a budget hotel at/near McKinley Hill or BGC area.
    - Sheen R. (