Pampanga Tour 2016

Tour in Pampanga

My first time in Pampanga City. It was great and I really enjoyed it a lot. The name "Pampanga" comes from the word pangpang meaning riverbank, a fitting name for a flat country crisscrossed by a hundred small branches of the Pampanga River. The province lies in the southern portion of the central plains of Luzon. Pampanga has old historical churches. 

Some part of Pampanga city is civilized and the other part of the places in Pampanga is old. I love going to places that are historical. In our tour, we have to visit some places and old churches. A great place to live here, love to visit here again someday. If you're inManilaa then you will travel to pampanga, it will take like 3 to 4hours and it depends to the traffic. 

The old culture of pampanga is still alive. The Pampangos share the general culture and traditions of the lowland Christian Filipinos, especially of their Tagalog neighbors to the east and south. However, they speak a distinct language, which is a source of ethnic pride.

This is the "Bacolor Church" A very old church and it  is so holy in here. I love this historical old church.

The Historical Pamintuan Mansion in Angeles City - this historical and old mansion is very creepy, but this is part of the tour. Honestly, I don't like old mansion it gives me the chill. But i'm impressed how they manage the place and the furniture's inside. Very old but nice.

Our next stop is the popular "Kusina ni Atching Lilian". This is very popular here. The cuisine here is very delicious and it is home made food.

This Pork Sisig is my favorite, One of the  best cuisine in Atching Lilian

Our next tour is visiting the Museum of  Kapampangan Arts.

 Mt. Pinatubo is one of the world’s most famous volcanoes. When  it erupted back in 1991, it was considered the second most intense  eruption of the 20th century. In addition to that, the event even  caused a sulfuric haze that dropped global temperatures for  two  years.

NorthPine Land launches Montana Views

NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), one of the country's trusted property developers, recently launched Montana Views, the first Modern American Country lifestyle community in Pampanga. 

NLI, with a 20-year strong portfolio of projects in the South and Eastern Manila, is bullish on changing the landscape of new territories and expanding its geographic market. Its developments include Kahaya Place, Greenwoods Village, Wind Crest, Kohana Grove (Cavite), South Hampton (Laguna), Forest Ridge (Antipolo City), and Lexington (Pasig City). The company has built a solid reputation in developing communities that improve the way people live. Its products are marked with distinction, quality and value for money.                     

Pampanga is among the booming locations outside Metro Manila and offers an ideal place to settle down. As one of the trusted community developers for the mid-income market, NLI set foot in the region to influence its thriving economy and respond to the high market demand. 

Following the Seller's Launch and Motorcade earlier in July, NLI held an American Country Fair- themed Grand Launch for its maiden project in Central Luzon.

                                          Bryn and Aven model units

Montana Views will feature Modern American Country-themed house models that will appeal to the discriminating taste of the mid-income market. Fresh and exciting hues add up to the smart facades carefully designed by NLI’s Planning Team. Homebuyers have a variety of floor space options with units ranging from 60 sq. m. to 130 sq. m.

                                                       Kendra, Lindsey and Quincy model units.


Future expansion and development should be expected for Montana Views. When completed, the neighborhood will have stylish and well-functional amenities such as pocket parks, basketball court and swimming pool.

The allure of Pampanga

The development for Montana Views was set in motion early this year. Situated at Brgy. Calulut City of San Fernando bordering Mexico, Pampanga, the property is just a few turns away from MacArthur Highway. This makes daily destinations accessible as San Fernando’s city proper is just 6.5 kilometers away. 

Pampanga appeals to people looking to buy a property or finding stable work. Being one of the country’s booming locations outside Metro Manila for business, lifestyle and real estate, several establishments such as malls, amusement parks, and business hubs are rapidly increasing here.

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  1. Loving the old architecture! And the food looks so authentic! I'm curious how much the city is going to change as builders come in and continue to develop the area. I hope the history and culture stays strong!

  2. These pictures - especially the food - makes me want to go here so bad! The Museum of Kapampangan Arts looks like it would be a nice place to sit and relax, and learn a bit about the culture!

  3. Oooh the food looks absolutely delicious that would make me what to go immediately. Also looks like a place that's rich in history.

    Una Minh from

  4. Food & Travel come together - the perfect combination! The Museum of Kapampangan Arts looks very interesting and in general Pampanga City looks like a great place to visit. Thank you for sharing!

  5. The houses looks so cool! I would love to live in one of those! Pampanga City seems like a great place! Hopefully I can visit it one day on my trip to Philippines !

  6. That food looks like it's the gem of the city. I feel like Pampanga is a lesser known destination (at least to me) but I'm glad it's on my radar now. It appears to be such a beautiful blend of the old and new.

  7. There is such a wide range of architecture in Pampanga, it's quite impressive. I'm not really sure which I like better. The new architecture is RIGHT up my alley! The food looks pretty great too - what kind of drink is in that container?

  8. The name Pampanga is really interesting as well as it's meaning too is nice! The museum of art and culture looks amazing. I am particularly fascinated by the Pinatubo museum as I am really interested in volcanoes. Hope to visit the museum some day.

  9. Thank you for this nicely illustrated guide!

    Happy continued travels!