Zamboanga 2017 Travel

It's good to be back in my hometown Zamboanga City and I missed my beloved ZamboangueƱos friends and relatives. There are lots of good memories in here, I grow up in this province and also studied here. 

Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City for me is a peaceful place and has beautiful places and things in here. It's been 5 years since I left Zamboanga and now,  I am here again and missing all the memories. I and my friend decided to have some short vacation in Zamboanga, also this is her first time going here. 

I really want her to go here and to know what's life in Zamboanga. Life here is really just simple, people are friendly and also lot's of them are a shy type person. Zamboanga is just a small province, you can just tour here in 1 day and it is finished. 

The best part to go here is the Santa Cruz island, it is a small island and the sand are all pink, it's like when you see it really close it is very pink. Don't forget to try here the delicious Sea Foods and the famous Curacha. If you want to eat the best sea foods in Zamboanga, please go to  ALAVAR Restaurant, they served the best dishes in town.

Sites to see

My friend asked me if what is the name of that island, honesty I really have no idea about the name of that island. It seems like my first time to saw that small island. This is the Zamboanga International Airport. This airport is just really small and not too big. But inside, it is comfortable.

Yakan Weaving Village, situated in Upper Calarian about 7 kilometers west of the city itself. They brought the traditional art of weaving with them when they settled in an area in Upper Calarian, now the Yakan Weaving Village.

Some of the product they make is also for sale.

It's a small sanctuary for breeding beautiful and cute colorful butterflies. Also, hundreds of eggs can be seen underneath the leaves of the plants indicating good and healthy breeding capacity of the area. The entrance fee here cost just Php 10.00 only.

This is one of my favorite treehouse in Pasonanca Park. It was a single tree house beside Camp Jose Atilano, home for BOY SCOUT OF THE PHILIPPINES in Zamboanga City.

After Pasonanca Park, our last trip is the Fort Pilar Shrine. Fort Pilar is a place for a church mass and even non-Catholics light a candle in here especially for the people who were saved from the war recently. This fort was originally built to protect from invaders and pirates from the southern Mindanao.

One of my favorite food in Zamboanga is the SATTI NI EDGAR. You should try this spicy yet uber delicious food. Satti is actually a breakfast meal to the locals of Zamboanga.

It's been a short 4-day vacation and can't wait to be back again in October for the Pyesta Pilar celebrating on the first week to the second week of October.

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  1. I have been to Zamboanga City before, way back 1996. Of the places we visited, I remember best Pasonanca Park and that tree house. So it is still there up to this day, a cherished icon of Zamboanga City.

  2. There's so much to explore and enjoy in Zamboanga. It's also nice to try the food and the delicacies.

  3. Have never been to the Philippines yet, Malaysia and Australia yes. Will put this one on the to go to list and sure to make a turn in Zamboanga City

  4. I'd love to do a Phillipines and Australia trip. You've highlighted some interesting places.

  5. Philippines is in my bucket list! I should visit soon.

  6. This place reminds me of my volunteering days in the zoo where I get to interact with the butterflies. I guess it is time to revisit these places soon~

  7. thanks for sharing about your hometown, i've never been to Philippines before and if i do, i'll know who's blog to look up on

  8. I have not been there yet but I heard that Zamboanga is really beautiful and undiscovered.