Butcher's Daughter Restaurant

This unique Butcher's Restaurant in Aguirre Avenue BF Homes ParaƱaque offers a broad range of fabulous meats and sausages. The restaurant is also quite incredible and it is quite big. 

Dining in Butcher's Daughter

The ambiance here is very good you can find it so relaxing to eat every day. The friendly staff will attend you asap so that you can choose where to sit and get ready to order their delicious foods. I got to admit this butchers restaurant is one of the best for me because of their very affordable good food here and most of all there sausages. 

You had to go and try here if you're in the south, I guarantee you that you will really love this restaurant and take note, this restaurant offers also ketogenic foods, people who are in a diet, this restaurant fits your choice.

Inside the Restaurant

Look at this beautiful place it is very lovely and so clean at all. I really love the restaurant that has very clean and most importantly delicious food. Family and friends will really enjoy eating here for sure.

Food Choices

Now I'm craving all of the foods that I posted here! especially this sausage. All the foods here are so amazing. I can't wait to go back here again. 

We Filipinos really love to eat and that is our daily bonding with our family and friends. Enjoy eating here and I'm sure you will go back here in the near future.

Butchers Daughter
location: 163 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes ParaƱaque

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