Blogapalooza 2018

This year 2018, the event was held in the country's luxury integrated resort and casino complex, City of Dreams. Blogapalooza is where influencers and brand partners meet with the end goal of promoting products or services. There are different booths in the event where bloggers get the chance to try what they are offering. 

Blogapalooza 2018 Happenings

One of the interesting parts of this event is the invited speakers. They got lots of pieces of advice and also tips about social media. I learned some great ideas and tips, that is really helpful for my part of being a blogger. 

Some of the guests in blogapalooza event are celebrities. That day was great and it was entertaining. The vibe of the event is fast-paced and dynamic to keep the blogger’s interest going.

Blogapalooza 2018 Event

Blogapalooza also invited well-known influencers and personalities to share informative topics. Various topics like Instagram etc.

As a whole, my overall experience with this year's Blogapalooza 2018 is great. Thank you Blogapalooza for having me. Looking forward to next years Blogapalooza 2019. Can't wait to attend this big event again.

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