Selah Garden Hotel

Without doubt one of our favorite hotels, we stayed during weekends is in Selah Garden Hotel. Upon arriving one of the staff approach me and warmly welcomed me at the lobby and all of the staff was extremely friendly. This is a lovely hotel with a great relaxed atmosphere and also they got the coolest rooms ever in my experience. 

Selah Garden Hotel Experience

So after eating our super delicious lunch, we had a quick rest. after that, we got some activities like Zip Line, Wall Climbing and many more. After getting ready for all of our activities we need to warm up 1st our body by doing the Zumba Dance, Ohh yes, Zumba!! Actually, that is my 1st time doing Zumba dance and it is so fun.

Before doing the super challenge activities we had also good games and that was so fun either its like we had our team building at that time. Base on my experience Saleh Garden Hotel has the great indoor activities located inside at the hotel only, though it is in the city if you're at the hotel and experiencing activities it feels like your not even staying at the city no more. 


The food is one of the best in this Hotel and I love every one of the dishes is served to us. Also, the restaurant is more of a family gathering type of place.

Activity area and wall climbing

The activity area has a wide place for games or events. kids will really love to play here.


It isn’t just fun and exercise. Aside from the physical workout that benefits you, climbing also tests you mentally and emotionally. The activity itself is never going to leave you idle. You’re constantly moving and thinking of your next step and strategizing the best way to ascend the wall.


Room Rates

Bunk Room 

4, 6, 8, Pax 
Rate: Php. 800pax

Clique Room 

10 Pax
Rate: Php. 800pax

Flagship Room 

Double Occupacny 
Rate: Php 3,200

Flagship Room 

Triple Occupancy 
Rate: Php 3,800

Cozy Room 

Double Occupancy 
Rate: Php 3,800

Fantastic Loft 

4-5 Pax 
Rate: Php 5,100

Fantabulous Loft

7 Pax
Rate: Php 6,700

Fabulous Suite5-6 Pax 
Rate: Php 5,900
Stellar Suite
10 Pax 
Rate: Php 13,000

We love everything about this place Excellent beds, perfect facilities and nice style rooms which are clean and nicely designed. I love to go back here in the near future. 

For me, Selah Garden Hotel is one of the top-notch hotels in Pasay. It's affordable, family friendly and I would really recommend this hotel to locals or foreigners to stay here. They got the best rooms, service, security, cleanliness and also the food here is so delicious.

The Selah Garden Hotel

Location: 2715 Park Ave. San Rafael,Pasay City
Telephone Number: +632 511-1331 / +632-899-7080
Cell Phone Number: Globe +639179582760 / Sun +639255111131
FaceBook: The Selah Garden Hotel
Email: /

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