Olivia's Coffee

Looking for a Coffee Shop in Cavite? Well, I got one for you!

Olivia's Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Amadeo Cavite. Coffee bean plants here are very fresh and they also had a farm full of bean plants. Actually this is my first time to see a coffee bean plant in person, At first, you might think delicious, red ripe berries or grapes are hanging from the plant’s branches.

But take a closer look, those plentiful, seemingly bursting berries are not what they may seem. As a matter of fact, those are coffee beans.

Many people picture coffee as brown, dry beans that grow from the ground Instead, coffee is a cherry that grows from plants that range anywhere from 5-7 feet tall, you can just pick them out of the plant.

I am a coffee lover, and my best choice is Olivia's Coffee! I can't wait to drink this coffee again. If you are looking for a great and delicious coffee shop, please stop by and relax at Olivia's Coffee. They also served delicious dishes here.

Coffee Bean Plant

Coffee cherries grow along the plant’s branches flowers and fruit often grows alongside coffee trees.

My Top 3 Dishes in Olivia's Coffee

Everybody loves lasagna, right? If there was one meal I could eat every day, this is definitely it! It's the perfect about of sauce, meat, and cheese all in one.

It's so good to be able to eat a delicious pizza without feeling guilty about it. Olivia's coffee is providing healthy choices for the days when we don't feel like cooking!

Sisig paired with a lot of cheese will surely leave you wanting for more the crust is absolutely delicious and the toppings taste so fresh.

I'm so impressed honestly, this Cappuccino is creamy, sweet, and super tasty and I love the strong coffee. I give it a 5/5!

For more details please contact them.

LOCATION: Samonte rd, Brgy Dagatan Amadeo Cavite

EMAIL ADDRESS: olivias_coffee@yahoo.com

CONTACT NUMBER: +639256866363

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